Lewes, East Sussex and at St James's, London




I AM A PSYCHOLOGIST with over 25 years experience offering therapy, coaching and consultancy services.


My offices are located in Lewes, East Sussex, and St James's, London. My clients are based in the UK, Europe and Asia, and whilst I do travel, I also work using Skype and by phone.

MY CLIENTS are generally curious individuals, often in some kind of transition, regardless of whether they are CEOs, teenagers or families. My job is to assist your growth towards a higher level of awareness, greater courage and purposeful actions.


I OFFER coaching and deeper therapy work, on a one-to-one basis, as well as with couples and families, in addition to building businesses. 


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 I WILL WORK in partnership with you to help you build a more vibrant and purposeful life, whether the work is just with you, your whole family, or business team. I offer a creative, confident space where rambling is valued and there is the chance to drop the masks we wear at times.


A FORMER LECTURER in organizational and developmental psychology at the UK's University of Sussex, I also trained in family and psychoanalytic psychotherapy as well as attachment based developmental psychology.

















WHEN TWO MINDS come together, a client's mind and my mind, the journey begins. 


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The best way to start is to call me or text. I will only be a stranger to you for the first few minutes.


Text: +44 (0)7938 729947

Tel: +44 (0)1273 438302